Nitrous Express ξερού τύπου νίτρο για με η χωρίς μπουκάλα τετρακυλινδρα

NX Four Cylinder DDR Nitrous System
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This is what happens when you ask the mad scientists at NX to address the issues with mounting and plumbing a dry direct port style configuration into ANY Sportbike air lid! You get the NX DDR (Dry Done Right) Nitrous system!  With the DDR, jetting is simplified allowing a single jet to control the Nitrous flow for all the nozzles, not the traditional 4 jets that are normally required to change power levels. The DDR 4 is extremely easy to mount, using bulkhead style distribution block allowing the installer to make custom length nozzle lines on site to simplify difficult installs. This system is capable of 200 WHP* and the solenoid is designed to be used with any Progressive Controller for the ultimate nitrous experience! Like all NX systems this system is complete; you will receive jetting for five power levels, Nitrous bottle, bottle brackets, micro-switch, toggle switch and relay. All the parts you need for installation. 

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