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Keihin and Mikuni  Genuine vs Fake Carburetors

There are plenty of Mikuni and Keihin carburetors in the market are not authentic. They're not safe to use and will cause many problems to your bike. If you think you've made a purchase and you're not sure if it's a genuine carburetor, here are some tips that will help you to identify them. You can also call us to verify a seller.

Keihin PWK

Genuine PWK:
A serial number is lightly imprinted below the PWK mark. The hoses should be a dark pink PLAS TECH hose. A “Motorcycle Race Use Only” label will be placed below the Keihin logo. Also various Quality Control marks should be visible. Genuine Keihin Jets should also have the jet size imprinted to the jet.


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Copy PWK:
The fake PWK carburetor has a "Sudco" Decal with a different design and lettering compared to the original decal. Genuine carburetor will have PLAS TECH hoses attached to the carburetor. All Keihin carburetors are manufactured in Japan and NOT in China.  

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A copy of the PWK carburetor will have an unmarked light hose. The serial number will be darker than the genuine carburetor. The jets and needles tend to be unmarked in these type of carburetors.

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Mikuni VM

Here is a comparison between a Genuine and a copy of a Mikuni VM carburetor. The fake carburetor has the "Minkui" imprinted on the top and side of the carburetor. On a genuine carburetor you will find the "Mikuni" logo. Also you will notice that the fake carburetor doesn't have the "NOT FOR AIRCRAFT USE" decal and the anchor plates. The way the fake carburetor was designed is completely different from the genuine one. You can see that there are extra openings and attachments.

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Mikuni HSR

You can see the top cover has a different design compared to the genuine. Also you can locate the size of the carburetor and the "Mikuni" logo on the genuine while the fake carburetor doesn't show it at all. The fake carb is missing the "Assembled in Mexico" decal.

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