Brock's CT Single Full System w/ 16" QuietKore Muffler GSX-R1000/R 17-21

Brock's CT Single Full System w/ 16" QuietKore Muffler GSX-R1000/R 17-21

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Full titanium construction with carbon fiber tip
Aftermarket performance, well mannered sound
Designed to meet SAE J2825 sound specifications
Visually the same as the standard CT Series™
World class craftsmanship, fit, and finish
58% weight savings vs OEM exhaust system
18mm O2 bung pre-installed for wideband O2 sensor (block-off plug included)
Installation hardware and instructions included
Includes (Emissions/PAIR) block off cap and instructions for decel-pop reduction
Includes Brock’s lifetime direct support package at no additional charge
Select from increased drivability/fuel mileage (pump gas) or race-proven (race fuel) trackmaps via our map support program at no additional charge

Brock’s ‘best of the best’ under fairing exhaust system

The Brock’s Performance CT Series™ full titanium exhaust system is a direct result of incalculable hours of engineering/design work combined with real world performance testing. The entire exhaust system weighs as little as 8 1/4 lbs. and offers the highest power readings out of any of our under fairing (non-sidewinder) exhaust systems. The CT Series™ not only provides superb cornering clearance, but if you are a weekend drag racer, the system also provides unmatched ground clearance. If world class craftsmanship and quality as well as welds that look like ‘art’ are high on your list, then the Brock’s Performance CT Series™ full titanium exhaust system is for you.

CT Series™ QuietKore System

The CT Series™ QuietKore exhaust systems are a great option for those interested in aftermarket performance advantages without overly aggressive sound. Designed to meet SAE J2825 sound specifications.

*QuietKore vs. Standard CT Series™

Test System: CT Series Dual™

Test Bike: ZX-14R (2012)

Standard CT Series™:

Idle: 90db
5000 RPM: 105db
CT Series™ QuietKore:

Idle: 88db
5000 RPM: 100db
Testing results showed less than 1 HP loss with QuietKore

*Test results may vary depending on testing conditions & make/model of your motorcycle.

Note: The muffler will require a short break-in period to properly activate the resin used in the silencer. Allow the bike to heat up during idle to begin this process. At 130 degrees Celsius the wool used will expand, there will be a noticeable odor as well as smoke. When the smoke goes away the muffler is ready to go.

GSX-R1000 (2017) Exhaust Weight Comparison

OEM Full Exhaust System:

Muffler (w/ clamp & heat shield): 7.00 lb.
Front Section (one peice): 16.00 lb.
(head pipes, catalytic converter, EXUP, midpipe, etc.)
Total = 23.00 lb.

CT Meg™ Full System:

Muffler: 3.40 lb.
Head Pipes: 2.85 lb.
Collector: 0.45 lb.
Midpipe: 0.90 lb.
Hardware: 2.00 lb.
Total = 9.60 lb.

Total Weight Savings = 13.4 lb. or 58% of OEM weight