Brock's exhaust Single Alien Head Slip-On System H2 15 - 20

Brock's exhaust Single Alien Head Slip-On System H2 15 - 20

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    • Power Commander V and Brock's Mapping Required

    • Designed to work with OEM front section only
    • 14" megaphone muffler
    • Show-polished finish
    • 2.25" outlet permanent baffle
    • Includes muffler, elbow, and necessary hardware
    • Retains the OEM catalytic converter
    • Mounts to OEM muffler mounting location
    • 77% weight savings vs OEM muffler
    • Great look and aggressive sound
    • An easy and affordable way to customize your bike

WARNING: Due to the extreme nature of the Ninja H2, all Brock's Performance exhaust systems are designed to be used in conjunction with a Dynojet PCV and Brock's Performance fuel mapping installed at a minimum. The addition of a Brock's Performance ECU flash with our exhaust, PCV and fuel mapping is recommended for optimum performance. Any other configuration could result in premature exhaust wear that will not be covered under warranty. Brock’s Performance PCV fuel mapping is available at no charge, with any Ninja H2 full or slip-on exhaust purchase, by clicking the Map Support tab above.

Brock’s Performance Slip-on mufflers will transform any stock exhaust system into a great sounding, customized accessory. Slip-ons are also very affordable, making them a very attractive option. Logo plates are available in several different colors to give your bike a custom look and lets not forget, at Brock's Performance, all pipes come free with industry-leading technical support.

Exhaust Weight Comparison

OEM Muffler:

  • Muffler: 16.45 lb.

Total = 16.45 lb.

Brock's Performance Slip-On Exhaust:

  • Muffler: 3.10 lb.
  • Elbow: 0.45 lb.
  • Hardware: 0.20 lb.

Total = 3.75 lb.

Total Weight Savings = 12.7 lb. or 77% of stock weight