Brock's Predator Stainless Front Section  Electro-Black  Muffler GSXR1000 17-20

Brock's Predator Stainless Front Section Electro-Black Muffler GSXR1000 17-20

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  • Industry exclusive electro-black stainless muffler
  • 2.25" outlet permanent baffle
  • Includes removable dB killer
  • Stainless steel front section
  • No fairing modifications required
  • 40% weight savings vs OEM exhaust system
  • 18mm bung for wideband O2 sensor
    (block-off plug and 12mm bung adapter included)
  • Includes muffler, front section, and all necessary hardware
  • Includes PAIR block-off cap for decel-pop reduction
  • Select from increased drivability/fuel mileage (pump gas) or
    race-proven (race fuel) track maps via our map support program 
    At no additional charge

Brock's Performance Predator™ Exhaust Key Features:

Predator™ Electro-Black systems are manufactured using the finest quality stainless steel and then chemical coloring is prepared, using a mixture of chromic and sulphuric acids that develop the thickness of the naturally occurring passive film, on the steel surface. The colors that are produced are the result of light wave interference, as light is reflected from the surface of the thickened oxide passive layer and the interface of the passive layer and steel surface. The colors seen depend on the thickness of the oxide layer formed in this process. Unlike anodizing, as used widely on aluminum products, the process is not an electrochemical one and in contrast to painting, there are no pigments or coloring chemicals used. Perhaps more important, the process does not rely on heat to oxidize the surface. Chemically colored stainless steel retains the aqueous (atmospheric) corrosion resistance of the un-colored surface making the electro-colored system a great option for riders in harsh environments and ocean areas.

Advantages of the Electro-Black Predator™ Muffler:

  • Better scratch resistance that the basic 304 grade stainless
  • UV resistant, won’t fade in the sunlight
  • Water and dirt repellent
  • Will maintain its appearance without rusting or discoloration
  • Stainless steel is an environmentally sustainable choice,
    being it is completely recyclable

GSX-R1000 (2017) Exhaust System Decibel Levels

Testing procedure performed according to SAE J2825

Predator™ Full System:

Idle: 108dB / 5000 RPM: 110dB

Predator™ Full System (with Euro-approved dB killer):

Idle: 102dB / 5000 RPM: 104dB

GSX-R1000 (2017) Exhaust Weight Comparison

OEM Full Exhaust System:

  • Muffler (w/ clamp & heat shield): 7.00 lb.
  • Front Section (one peice): 16.00 lb.
    (head pipes, catalytic converter, EXUP, tail pipe, etc.)

Total = 23.00 lb.

Predator™ Full System:

  • Muffler: 3.80 lb.
  • Head Pipes: 4.20 lb.
  • Collectors: 1.40 lb.
  • Tail Pipe: 2.05 lb.
  • Hardware: 2.05 lb.
  • dB Killer: 0.30 lb.

Total = 13.80 lb.

Total Weight Savings = 9.20 lb. or 40% of OEM weight