Sprint Filter P037 Water-Resistant S1000RR 10-19 HP4 12-15 S1000R 14-20 S1000XR 15-19

Sprint Filter P037 Water-Resistant S1000RR 10-19 HP4 12-15 S1000R 14-20 S1000XR 15-19

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  • Single layer waterproof polyester
  • Perfect for dual sport motorcycles
  • Suitable for use in demanding conditions with the presence of mud
  • Innovative polyester material allows for consistent airflow
  • Steel wire mesh with epoxy varnish finish
  • Patented PTFE (Teflon™) treatment creates a waterproof barrier
  • Optimized filter surface area provides more airflow, more power and more filtration
  • Increased air permeability and filtration efficiency when compared to cotton air filters
  • Airflow: 4,500 l/m2/sec. / Filtration: 37μm
  • Can be cleaned using only compressed air
  • Dry filter, no oil treatments required
  • Direct OEM replacement
  • 1 year warranty
  • About Sprint Filter: Established in 1952, Sprint Filter started building high performance air filters and intake systems. Ever since their inception products have always been highly innovative and based on ongoing research and development of new filtering fabrics and intake systems. Sprint Filter air filters are widely gaining in popularity in the world of racing. Many top teams have chosen them, with their better performing polyester filter, for winning the World Championships.

    About the P037: Sprint Filter air filters are the only filters in the world with "waterproof" characteristics (Sprint Filter patent, meaning SF is the only air filter manufacturer in the world that produces waterproof air filters for internal combustion engines). The weave of the fabric guarantees an amazing filtration power of 37μm, that, combined with its waterproof properties, makes this type of air filter particularly suitable for use in demanding conditions with the presence of mud (no sand or fine dust).

    The guaranteed air flow of 4,500 l/m2/sec. made a BMW GS1200 only with an aftermarket exhaust fitted and P037 air filter to be the fastest BMW GS1200 in the world, clocking 233.35 km/h at the Bonneville Salt Flats located in Utah, USA.

    Polyester - A Winning Technology: On the one hand, air filters have to guarantee good air flow. On the other, they have to filter large particles so they don't end up in the cylinders. The two operations are opposed to each other, and the best air filter is the one that optimizes these two functions. Production motorbikes are normally fitted with paper filters, while the usual solution for sports filters was oil soaked cotton. With its adoption of the polyester membrane filter, Sprint Filter has taken a huge leap forward, making all previous systems obsolete.

    Structure: Polyester fabric is extremely permeable and solid and cannot be affected by folding during construction, by the difference in pressure during operationon or by maintenance. On the other hand, the cotton filter has a weft that depends on the overlapping and number of layers used. Moreover, it tends to lose its shape during these phases and, as a result, some zones will benefit from a high filtration value while others will filter poorly.

Fitment applications:

  • HP4 (2012 - 2015)
  • HP4 Race (2017 - 2019)
  • S1000R (2013 - 2019)
  • S1000RR (2009 - 2019)
  • S1000XR (2014 - 2019)