Graves Motorsports Yamaha R6  2006-2016 Seat Foam

Graves Motorsports Yamaha R6 2006-2016 Seat Foam

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Graves Motorsports Yamaha R6 Seat Foam. Graves Motorsports Textured Seat Foam - 9.5mm thick. 

This super durable, 9.5mm thick textured dual layer seat foam has a high-quality adhesive backing for easy installation. Each piece is water-jet cut in the ideal shape for the Yamaha R6 in race trim but will also fit other models. This lightweight seat foam has been developed to provide the best balance of grip and rider maneuverability possible. The seat foam can easily be trimmed using a razor blade or shaped using a sanding pad. You can find this same seat foam on any Team Graves Yamaha R6, as well as many other race bikes in the AMA Superbike paddock.

Fitment: Yamaha R6 2006-2016 - Also has a universal fitment and can be used on other bikes with slight modification.