BROCKS Alien Head 2 Full System Polished Ninja H2 15-18

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  • Incredible 70% weight savings vs. OEM
  • Show-polished muffler with a natural finish front section
  • Distinctive look / aggressive sound
  • Increased ground clearance
  • 14” megaphone muffler
  • 2.25” outlet permanent baffle
  • No fairing modifications required
  • Aerospace quality, ultra lightweight stainless construction
  • Pre-installed 18mm bung for wideband O2 sensor
  • Includes 12mm O2 bung adapter and block off plug
  • Includes Brock’s lifetime direct support package
    At no additional charge
  • Select from increased drivability/fuel mileage (pump gas) or race-proven (race fuel) trackmaps via our Map Support program
    At no additional charge
  • Detailed step by step installation instructions
  • Click here for PAIR block-off instructions
  • Sound Clip Videos:


    Ninja H2 Exhaust System Decibel Levels

    Testing procedure performed according to SAE J2825

    Alien Head 2 Muffler (with Noise Reduction Plug):

    Idle: 104dB / 5000 RPM: 115dB

    Alien Head 2 Muffler:

    Idle: 106dB / 5000 RPM: 115dB

    Ninja H2 Exhaust Weight Comparison

    OEM Full Exhaust System:

    • Muffler: 16.30 lb.
    • Catalytic Converter / Head Pipes: 18.85 lb.
    • Heat Shields: 1.75 lb.

    Total = 36.90 lb.

    Brock's Performance Alien Head 2™ Full System:

    • Muffler: 3.30 lb.
    • Head Pipes w/ Flanges: 6.25 lb.
    • Collector / Hardware: 1.55 lb.

    Total = 11.10 lb.

    Total Weight Savings = 25.80 lb. or 70% of OEM weight

    WARNING: Due to the extreme nature of the Ninja H2, all Brock's Performance exhaust systems are designed to be used in conjunction with a Dynojet PCV and Brock's Performance fuel mapping installed at a minimum. The addition of a Brock's Performance ECU flash with our exhaust, PCV and fuel mapping is recommended for optimum performance. Any other configuration could result in premature exhaust wear that will not be covered under warranty. Brock’s Performance PCV fuel mapping is available at no charge, with any Ninja H2 full or slip-on exhaust purchase, by clicking the Map Support tab above.

    The PAIR Valve on Ninja H2 is disabled via the use of our Brock’s Performance ECU flash. Damage to the exhaust system, via extreme heat and/or excessive deceleration pop, may result from an improperly blocked PAIR system. Brock’s Performance will not warranty any damage created from an improperly blocked PAIR.

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