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Graves Exhaust Full Link Titanium / Carbon Works 2019-2024 Zx-6r Also Fits 2015 -2018 Exk-19zx6-Ftcw

Graves Exhaust Full Link Titanium / Carbon Works 2019-2024 Zx-6r Also Fits 2015 -2018 Exk-19zx6-Ftcw

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GRAVES WORKS LINK - Graves Motorsports Kawasaki ZX6R Full Titanium WORKS Exhaust System with Carbon Fiber Silencer. Graves Exhaust systems are designed for the elite rider seeking top of the line performance, fit, finish and value. This ZX-6R exhaust system was developed using the same technology that has powered the Graves Racing Team to 23 Professional AMA National Championships including 8 Superbike Championship titles!


This product is intended for closed course competition use only.

Use of this product for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.


We did not compromise in the development of this system. This ZX-6R Race Spec Full exhaust system includes a long aggressive tapered head pipes. Material diameters, lengths, the silencer core size and length are optimized for maximum power output throughout the throttle and RPM range. Combined with Graves’ exclusive flash tune map this system produces a solid 11+ HP in the midrange and 13+ on the top of the horsepower charts. This tune also removes any computer error codes the bike will have when installing performance exhausts.

We use the same 1.00 MM thick wall high heat grade Titanium tubing used on our Superbike exhaust systems. This material is designed special for maximum durability and oxidation resistance up to 800*Celsius / 1472*Fahrenheit. It is designed to live at almost twice the temperature of normal Grade2 Titanium. The tubes are precision bent and cut with the latest equipment available. The tubing is then welded in fixtures designed so that repeat-ability is second to none. It comes with a single Lambda receiver bung for on track data logging or Dyno tuning. The spring tabs are made from 4MM thick Titanium wire for long life.

The silencer's carbon fiber body is attached to the Titanium entrance cap and a deep draw 60* slash cut titanium exit cap and is attached with stainless aircraft grade rivets and Titanium silencer bands.. The silencer is hung with a strapless titanium tab built into the systems tubing. The inter core tube is made of stainless that slips over the entrance and into the exit cap.


  • Diamond Shaped Silencer Design (Carbon Fiber silencer body with Titanium End Cap), configured to balance the ZX6R's body lines and produce the best balance of power.
  • Strapless silencer design mounts without the use of strap bands around the can using a tap mounted bracket that's integrated into the can. This design not only streamlines looks of your bike and saves weight.
  • Constructed from High Heat Aerospace Grade Titanium that resists breaking down up to 800* Celsius 1472* F
  • Stainless exhaust port spigots
  • Billet Hard Anodized 7075T651 Aluminum Flanges
  • Single Lambda sensors come standard. FTECU active tune sensor adaptability. 18 x1.5
  • Advanced welding process showcases laser perfection welds
  • Tapered header down pipes (Cores are altered in size and taper length for each motorcycle.
  • Optimized Graves Spec flash tune maps available with product purchase (product shown below in up-selling links).

Exhaust System Weights / DB


  • Graves Full Works System = 7 lbs. (- 17.8 lbs. weight saving over stock)
  • Stock Exhaust System = 24.8 lbs.
  • Stock DB @ Idle = 77 / Stock DB @ 5000 RPM 83.5
  • Graves Cat Back DB @ Idle 88.3 / Graves Cat Back DB @ 5000 RPM 102.5

Fitment: Designed specifically for the 2019-2024 Kawasaki ZX-6R also fits 2009 -2018

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