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Graves Motorsports

Graves motorsports kawasaki zx-6r high precision cam chain tensioner

Graves motorsports kawasaki zx-6r high precision cam chain tensioner

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Graves Motorsports Kawasaki ZX-6R High Precision Cam Chain Tensioner. Professionally developed under strict Graves Racing Services championship winning engine build guidelines.

Note: You will need need a replacement timing cover gasket from your local Kawasaki dealer.

Cost VS Quality
  • Compare our product to the competitions product and the cost

Graves Product
  • Adjustment shaft is made of grade 5 titanium with a satin black fresh green process giving it a Rockwell 70 surface hardness. Machined to a 1.0 threads per millimeter allowing the tuner to adjust the tension on the chain to an exact specification = less friction and consistent cam timing = more power.
  • The Competitors shaft is made of mild steel all thread material with SAE course thread

Graves Cam Chain Body
  • Designed to support the shaft as close to the cam chain running block as possible for maximum shaft support and minimum shaft flex.
  • The Competitors Body Designed to hold the shaft and plugs the oil relief hole

Graves’s lock nut
  • Hard anodized for a reliable fit, strong threads, light weight and great looks
  • The competitor’s nut course thread steel nut

You can compare the price but you cannot compare the quality. Take both of these to your engine builder and ask them which one they would install in your motor when their reputation is on the line!

- Chuck Graves
Fitment: Kawasaki ZX-6R 2019-2022
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