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Sena Impulse Motorcycle Smart Helmet with Mesh Intercom WHITE

Sena Impulse Motorcycle Smart Helmet with Mesh Intercom WHITE

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The all-new Impulse is a modular smart helmet featuring Sena's industry-leading Mesh Intercom and Bluetooth intercom technology plus premium speakers and microphone by the audio professionals at Harmon Kardon. The Impulse's expertly tuned speakers bring a new level of precision and clarity to in-helmet audio plus an all-new microphone for unprecedented outbound audio quality. The helmet boasts an integrated rear-facing tail light for rider visibility as well as a convenient retractable sun visor. Impulse was built with a DOT-rated fiberglass shell and has an intermediate oval fitment. Four strategically placed vents, a chin vent, top vent and two exhaust vents allow for airflow while riding.

  • Premium speakers and microphone: sound by Harman Kardon
  • Integrated Mesh and Bluetooth® intercom systems
  • Multi-channel open Mesh Intercom supports virtually limitless riders
  • Group Mesh Intercom supports up to 24 riders in a private group
  • Open Mesh features 9 channels.
  • 1.2 mile Mesh Intercom range (can extend 5 miles with a minimum of 6 riders)
  • 4-way Bluetooth Intercom (1.2 mile range)
  • 18 hr (Bluetooth®)/11 hr (Mesh) talk time
  • Premium liner is removable/washable
  • Pinlock®-ready and includes Pinlock anti-fog lens
  • Retractable sun visor
  • Ratchet chin strap
  • Voice-activated digital assistant access
  • Voice commands in 8 languages
  • Magnetic pogo charging port
  • Meets or exceeds DOT and ECE standards.
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