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T-rex Racing

T-rex racing combo ninja h2 h2r no cut frame/ axle sliders/ case covers spools n58-15combo

T-rex racing combo ninja h2 h2r no cut frame/ axle sliders/ case covers spools n58-15combo

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  • Condition: New
  • Special feature: The pucks are solid and not hollow, made to withstand a greater impact.
  • Material: UHMW-PE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene), High Strength Neodymium Magnets, and solid steel brackets finished in durable black powder coat.
  • No cut or plastic fairings modification required
  • Fit Models: KAWASAKI
  • 2015 - 2019 Ninja H2 H2R

This purchase is for a set of frame sliders, engine case covers, front axle sliders, and a set of quick release axle sliders for the above bike model. The sliders feature a new design of a complete solid puck without a hollowed-out center. This increases the strength and contact surface to about 30%. The bracket is bolted to the engine mount and the slider puck is bolted onto it. The quick release sliders allows one to quickly remove the rear axle sliders without removing any bolts or screws like those in a typical rear axle sliders. It facilitates quick removal of the rear wheel. It is an essential convenience at the track where you can promptly raise your bike as soon as you pull in a paddock. The two sides of the axle sliders are attached by high strength Neodymium magnets. The material of the puck is made of UHMW-PE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene), a tough plastic with good strength, wear resistance and dimensional stability. It is more dimensionally stable than Nylon and used in many industrial ball bearing and friction reducing applications. Compared to Delrin, it is softer but tougher. Delrin is harder but more brittle. It is an ideal material for frame sliders since it can absorb more impact force onto itself and therefore reduce the impact on the frame and engine. The slider pucks can be inexpensively replaced in case of a low-side. We use highest grade commercially available 12.9(177,000 psi in tensile strength) wherever possible. Rest assured that you are getting the best material commercially available.

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