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Graves Motorsports

Graves Motorsports Turn Signals Ts401c1

Graves Motorsports Turn Signals Ts401c1

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Graves Motorsports Yamaha R1 + R6 + R6S+ FZ1 + FZ8 + FZ09 + FZ10 Turn Signals. The motorcycle turn signals are easy for surrounding traffic to see. A perfect compliment to your Yamaha sport bike. NOTE: The 2016-2017 R1 and 2017 FZ10 works awesome with these signals but requires changing the plug end to fit respectively.

Front marker lights sit in the OEM signal pockets offering a clean, factory look. Rear marker lights can be used with either the stock fender (signal wiring length may require extending on some models for the rear setup) or Graves Motorsports Fender Eliminator Kit. Comes with 2 signals per purchase (enough to do either the front or the back of the bike). Keep in mind LED's have little resistance on your motorcycle and in most cases a flasher relay will be required to even out the flashing rates of your motorcycle.
NOTE: These 3 wire signals require you to join your OEM plug harness to the lights by cutting your OEM connector, exposing the wires and joining to the Graves signals using the supplied heat activated connectors

FITMENT: Yamaha R1 2004-2014 + R6 2003-2017 (2017-2018 rear only with Graves Fender Eliminator) + R6S 2006-2009 + FZ1 2006-2015 + FZ8 (all) + FZ09 (all) + MT-07 (all) + MT-09 (all) + MT-10 (all)
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